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6 Reasons to Get A WOW! TV Plan!

6 Reasons to Get A WOW

While TV is not the prime source of entertainment, it still plays a huge role in your life. Watching movies and TV shows on the big screen has its own charm as well. While you have the option of doing the same on your mobile, tablets, and laptops, you would prefer the TV for it. So, now that you’ve gotten a TV, what comes next? Who do you go to for the TV plans and packages? Tough question, but one that we can answer. Our advice: WOW! TV is the right choice to make. But of course, we also have some valid points to back our choice. Read on to learn more about these points.

What is WOW!?

Before we move on to the reasons, let us first introduce WOW! The full form for WOW is WideOpenWest. It is a service provider that provides internet, TV, and phone services. They are one of the top 10 fastest cable providers and the 6th largest cable provider in the U.S. Their services span around 9 states and within 19 markets. They use a Fiber-Coaxial network to bring to their customers the best services.

Reasons to Choose WOW! TV

After the introduction, it’s time to move to the reasons why we selected WOW! TV.

  1. WOW! TV plans and bundles

Take a look at the plans given below:

Small TV + Internet Medium TV + Internet Large TV + Internet
Channel number 80+ channels with free HD including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and more 130+ channels with free HD including all small TV channels + A&E, Hallmark, Comedy Central Disney Channel, and more 160+ channels with free HD including HBO, SHOWTIME, NFL Network, and more
Download speed 200 Mbps 200 Mbps 500 Mbps
Price $54.99/mo.

(for 12 months, conditions apply)


(for 12 months, conditions apply)


(for 12 months, conditions apply)


As you can see the pricing for all these plans is reasonable based on the benefits and the data you are getting. It is important to remember that the prices given here are promotional prices for 12 months only. After that period, the price of the package will go back to normal and so, you should make sure to talk to the customer service representative about the original prices. Other than this, let’s look at the other features and benefits of WOW! TV.

  1. WOW! TV channel lineup

The channel lineup for WOW! TV is divided into three tiers as shown in the table above. According to your preference and the number of people in your home, you can get a suitable plan. The channel lineup for small TV is pretty basic and you get access to content showcased by long-time entertainment industry giants like PBS, NBC, FOX, etc. It is the perfect plan for bachelors and/or students as the plan is economical and simple.

If, however, you have a family and they like to watch TV as well, every now and then, the medium TV plan would be better suited to you. You get access to the basic channels in small TV and you also get additional channels like AMC, Discovery Channel, Disney Channel, BBC America, ESPN, and so on. Lastly, if you are not satisfied with the lack of premium channels in both of these plans, then the large TV plan is for you. It is particularly great for people that enjoy having premium entertainment and spend more than a little time watching TV. This plan includes channels such as HBO, SHOWTIME, Big Ten Network, NFL Network, etc.

  1. WOW! TV on demand and PPV

When you subscribe to WOW! TV, you get access to thousands of on-demand titles which you can watch as many times as you want. Whether it’s sports, music, movies, family shows, or anything else, you can easily re-watch whenever you like. You are also not restricted to watching on the TV only, you can watch it on your phone, tablet, computer anywhere you like. You also get the option of ordering on-demand titles that may not be included in your plan. You can then watch that movie as many times as you want in 24 hours before you’ll have to pay for it again. Another option is for PPV which is pay-per-view. You can order that and watch it at the scheduled time only.

  1. WOW! TV on any device

If you are traveling or have to go away from home for a few days due to work trips, or anything else, you can still enjoy TV on your laptop, phone, or tablet. However, it should be noted that this is possible if you subscribe to WOW! Digital Cable TV or WOW! TV+. You can get an app along with this plan which can be installed on your phone and tablet to access the TV channels and networks. You can also do this without the app, on the web, where you will just have to use your WOW! username and password to access the content.

  1. WOW! TV DVR and on-screen guide

In case you want to record a show, a movie, or anything on TV to watch again, WOW! gives you that option. Using HD DVR equipment or standard equipment, you can record live TV and watch it again. With the HD DVR equipment, you have a better quality of recording and you can record two shows simultaneously. You can also store up to 20 HD hours.

Moreover, once you subscribe to WOW! TV, you get a user-friendly on-screen guide that helps you to organize your TV watching regime and keep a tab on your favorite TV shows, movies, etc.

  1. WOW! streaming services

If you don’t want a traditional cable TV and would rather prefer a streaming service, you can still get it through WOW! They have partnered up with streaming services so that you can enjoy streaming TV with your high-speed internet! You can choose one of the streaming services from the following options:

  • YouTube TV
  • Sling TV
  • fubo TV
  • Hulu
  • Philo

WOW! TV availability

After going through the five reasons to choose WOW! TV, the next thing to check is the availability of WOW! TV. You can check if it’s available in your area by talking to a customer service representative or by checking on their website by entering your ZIP code. Here are the states and some of the areas where you will find availability of WOW! TV:

  • Alabama
    • Auburn
    • Valley
    • Dothan
    • Huntsville
    • Montgomery
  • Florida
    • Panama City
    • Pinellas
  • Georgia
    • Augusta
    • Columbus
    • Fort Gordon
  • Illinois
    • Chicago
    • Chicagoland
  • Indiana
    • Evansville
  • Michigan
    • Detroit
    • Mid-Michigan
  • Ohio
    • Columbus
    • Cleveland
  • South Carolina
    • Charleston
  • Tennessee
    • Knoxville


Now that we have discussed everything there is to know about WOW! TV, what do you think? Do you want to subscribe to a WOW! TV plan now that you’ve gone through the 6 reasons to get WOW! TV plans. After all, it is a great option to choose if it is available in your area. So, go ahead and sign up for the plan you want with the requirements suitable for you!


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