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7 benefits of using a digital marketing agency Canberra

The bounce back from the pandemic has been palpable, and internet usage has reached record highs, smashing all before it, previous to 2019. As Canberra is on the up and up, now is the time to look for an experienced digital marketing agency Canberra has to offer. 

Local marketing can still have an effect, but it is evident around the globe what the most potent form of marketing will be for the next decade and more – digital marketing. 

Here are our 7 Benefits of Using a Digital Marketing Agency Canberra

#1 Connect With your Local Community

Since the pandemic hit, local SEO has become the buzzword within the digital marketing industry. 

Local businesses helped people during the lockdown, and people have not forgotten it. Many had forgotten about local businesses leading up to 2019, preferring to travel to big malls and hypermarkets on the outskirts of town.  

Using local SEO experts and their knowledge will help you communicate and direct market to people in your local area. Here are the basics they will get in line:

  • Customise your services
  • Add photos of your business so it is recognisable
  • Ensure your products are marketed correctly 
  • Complete contact information, continually up-to-date
  • Start a blog
  • Update content
  • Link everything to social media platforms

Gaining local exposure for some businesses can be more profitable than covering shipping costs, for example. 

#2 Search Engine Visibility

Appearing in local online searches is the first step to increased revenue. Trying not to overcomplicate getting there, your digital marketing agency Canberra will ensure you claim your Google Business Profile. That will set you on the road to becoming visible in Canberra.

Once you appear, people in the area know exactly where you are, and lead generation will increase exponentially. 

#3 Local Visibility Through Social Media

Google and other search engines are not the only places you gain exposure. Social media is now linked with search engine rankings, and YouTube is second only to Google in daily hits.  

Instagram is a huge source for promoting products and services. An easier way into the Instagram world is to look to align yourself with an influencer. An influencer already has thousands of viewers, so look to strike a deal. It could be free stock, discounts, or monetary, but it will gain exposure fast.

Facebook now has a new advanced system for businesses through META. You can target ads more precisely than a few years ago, including geo-targeting, age groups, preferences, and more. 

With Millenials and Generation Z now moving more towards video and visual demonstrations rather than text, a YouTube channel is a good idea. 

#4 Creating Personal Connections

Carrying on from setting up social media platforms, here are ways to help engagement and create viral and word-of-mouth referrals. 

  • Always ask questions to your audience, engage with them and listen to their answers also, initiate direct contact
  • Report your customer’s feedback, and use them as testimonials, which helps connect you with your client base
  • Whenever you get interaction, excellent or bad, always reply; many negative reviews can be negated this way

A personal connection will help brand recognition.

#5 Always Share your Expertise

Digital marketing has moved on from the days of keyword stuffing and how many clicks you receive. 

People are now hungry for information, much in the same way as Google’s algorithm. Here are some marketing ideas that your SEO agency will probably propose:

  • A unique newsletter
  • A unique blog
  • A unique vlog
  • Facebook or other platforms for live seminars and conversations

If you are more comfortable behind the keyboard than with the camera, then fine, but any of these platforms can work well and gain additional exposure and engagement, something that Google prioritises in its ranking formulas. 

#6 Making your Sales Funnel Work Harder

A wide-reaching sales funnel looks to snag as many potential customers as possible. Not all of them will become buying clientele, but they aim to capture as many people as possible to see and discuss your products. 

All the above we have touched upon will help your visibility online, so the funnel at the top starts to widen. Once engaged, your SEO agency will work closely to ensure the website pushes them through to the bottom of the funnel. 

#7 Keeping Track of Results

With traditional marketing, it isn’t easy to keep track of conversion rates and ROI. You could leave business cards somewhere, turn up next week, they are gone, and you have no phone calls.  

The same goes for radio or newspaper advertising unless you use a specific code and keep track.

The beauty of digital marketing is you can change it at any time. When you use an SEO specialist in Canberra, they will be able to monitor metrics and analytics to ensure you know where your money is being spent at all times. Moreover, they can pinpoint precisely what is working and what isn’t.  

As long as you establish that from day one, they will be sure to give you a detailed report bi-weekly or weekly, so you can see your campaign’s effectiveness. 


As Canberra continues to grow, more and more people are moving to the city and the suburbs. Now with many people adept at working from home and looking at online work and businesses, competition will grow. Instead of trying to take this on yourself, look for the services of an SEO company in Canberra to help you keep one step ahead. Good Luck!

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