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7 Simple Ways To Get More Instagram Followers

More Instagram Followers

Instagram is the reigning social media marketing king. With more than a billion users, it has a higher engagement rate than Facebook and Twitter, and it’s easy to understand why.

If you’ve visited your Facebook newsfeed recently, it’s likely that you’ve been so distracted by the volume of the noise that you’ve lost track of why you first switched it on. But with just a few taps, users can get the content they desire on Instagram’s simple, one-purpose interface.

Additionally, Instagram has less marketing competition than Facebook. Users are also prepared to pay more money. Compared to $55 for Facebook, the average order value for an Instagram follower is $65.

Your Goread company has a chance to succeed on Instagram, but how can you get people to follow you?

Do not be alarmed; we are here to assist. We have seven suggestions for increasing company recognition and Instagram followers.

  1. Involve your pals

Say it out loud if you want folks to know you’re now using Instagram. You have the choice to follow and share your freshly formed account with your phone contacts and Facebook pals when you first join up.

Additionally, you ought to advertise your Instagram account on other social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Add Share buttons from AddThis to your website. And send out a brief email blast informing your newsletter subscribers.

But keep in mind that you should give folks a cause to follow you on Instagram in addition to simply announcing that you have joined the platform (more on that in our next tip).

  1. Clearly state your goal

You should make your followers aware of your aims when you create an account. You should introduce yourself and the work you do.

What distinguishes your brand? Consider your Instagram social media strategy’s target audience carefully as you create your brand page. can be creative and playful while describing things, especially to an audience.

GoPro’s Instagram features a unique but educational monster. “The world’s most adaptable camera is one that we produce. Post it on #GoPro.”

On your own profile, you can also provide a clickable link. Consider where you want your audience to go carefully because this is a significant portion of the real estate. GoPro made the decision to connect with their Instagram fans by directing them to a GoRead.io website.

Consider the distinctive photos or brief films your company could provide to draw Instagram followers. Perhaps you wish to promote your goods like Goread.io does. You could want to share your knowledge of an item you can utilize, like American Express. Or, like Lululemon, choose photos and films that showcase the values your brand upholds.

Any strategy will work as long as you can succinctly describe what your account is about. This will increase your chances of gaining more Instagram followers.

  1. Social

Instagram employs hashtags for navigation and search, just like Twitter. You can use up to 30 different hashtags, unlike Twitter (although the most effective spot is 9). Use websites like Top-Hashtags to find popular hashtags and join the discussions taking place on Instagram. You’ll be able to concentrate on your Instagram account again using this.

It’s also critical to keep in mind that social media is not a platform for advocacy. By favoriting and leaving comments on other people’s videos and photographs, you can make sure that your audience is engaged with you. Has your product ever been featured in a photo online? Contact me by liking or commenting on this post!

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for and to like Goread.io brand references. Always keep relationships in mind while developing a social media strategy, especially if you’re using Instagram to promote social buying.

  1. Work with influential people

Working with other Instagram influencers in your field to promote your brand can be quite successful. For instance, to promote its brand, Qantas Airlines teamed up with social media personality Nicole Warner.

You’re not required to always be matched with someone from the industry. To increase the number of Instagram followers for its brand, dating app Hinge has teamed up with well-known Instagram influencers and meme accounts.

You should consider what you can offer Instagram influencers before contacting them. Offline promotion, product samples, or free gifts are a few concepts. Before you ask someone to do anything for you, you need to respond to their “how can I help you?” query.

On Instagram, you should look for well-known individuals to locate influencers. To get you started, HubSpot has a tonne of Instagram influencers.

  1. Encourage involvement

Promote your brand on Instagram by launching initiatives that invite participation, such as requests for photos. The #OptOutside campaign from REI continues to be effective because outdoor lovers who want to go on adventures in the great outdoors find it to be relevant year after year.

The #ShareYourEars promotion from Disney was also well-liked. Every time a picture was posted of someone sporting Mickey Mouse ears, Entertainment Empire teamed up with the Make A Wish Foundation and donated $5 per post. It was a success, as one might expect, given the event’s philanthropic focus and everyone’s love of Disney.

  1. Examine your posts.

Not all images or videos are visually appealing. It occasionally depends on what time of day or even what day of the week you submit. Sometimes it relates to the hashtags, location tags, and description text that are used in conjunction with the post’s actual content. Always do tests to see which posts resonate with your readers.

Pictures are more engaging than videos, claims Kissmetrics. Additionally, they discovered that the greatest times of the day to publish were Wednesday and Thursday, while the best periods of the week were 2am, 6am, 5am, and 10am ET.

Buffer advises posting no less than once each day. However, those that are expanding post numerous times every day. Hootsuite advises maintaining consistency with your releases. Stick to your posting schedule if you make one.

Test various times and days to determine whether it has an impact on your engagement rate (the number of likes and comments divided by the number of followers). You might discover that including tags for other places exposes you to new viewers. Whatever you do, don’t be hesitant to publish your material more than once and to play around with different settings—especially if it doesn’t work the first time.

Use an analytics platform like Icon square to assess and monitor post interaction.

  1. Spend Money on Post Promotion

As with other social media, you can always turn to paid promotion to increase company visibility; Instagram is no different (especially post-Facebook acquisition).

You can be sure that people will notice your postings if you run sponsored advertising, and if they like what they see, they’ll probably follow you. A further advantage of posting on Instagram is the chance to follow the perfect target market for your business.

Be mindful, though, that Instagram’s paid advertisements are based on CPM rather than other platforms that let you pay depending on engagement (cost per impression).

To make sure your money is wisely spent, you must be careful to determine the appropriate target market. There are several Instagram growth agencies that may offer you sponsored advertising and branding if you don’t have the time.

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