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How to Plant the Organic Fruits at Home

Plant the organic fruits

Plant the organic fruits can be the smart way for everyone. It is especially for you who want to fill the spare time with a positive activity. Besides that, it is also profitable.

The fruit itself is healthier since you plant it by your own. Meanwhile, they can be sold if the harvested products are abundant. However, doing that activity is not easy.

However, it is not that difficult as well. All you need to know is the right information, strategy, and for sure the preparation. Below is the further information to know.

What is the Organic Farming?

Before knowing the steps to plant the organic fruits, you should understand this kind of farming system first. Actually, it is quite familiar amidst the society and started to use.

In short, organic farming system is a technique of planting naturally without the use of synthetic products. The examples are like the chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

One of the advantages of this farming is because of its environmentally friendly nature. That is why; the products harvested are healthier and safer to be consumed.

Without the use of chemicals, the process of planting organically will not automatically contaminate the soil, water or air. Indirectly it makes the home environment healthier.

How to Plant the Organic Fruits Properly

This activity can be done even at home. The important thing is that you have an area as a place where the fruits will be planted. However, using the pots are also possible.

One thing to understand is about the soil. It must be good and free from any chemical ingredients. Below are some ways to plant the organic fruits properly.

  1. Prepare the media or area

The first way to grow this kind of plant in the house is to prepare the land. That must be in a place exposed to sunlight, approximately for 8 hours in a day.

The aim is to help the process of photosynthesis of plants. The photosynthesis will be more perfect and produces a quality harvest. Also, pay attention to the type of soil to be used.

Where generally, you can use soils that contain the natural matter, such as humus soil. This type is among the most fertile because it comes from soil from weathering natural matter.

One of the most suitable fruits grown using ground humus is Pineapple. It becomes the first point if you want to plant the organic fruits at home.

  1. Plant the high-quality seeds

After preparing the land, you can then determine the fruit seedlings to be planted by type. Make to do a research on how to care for the organic fruit crop and its growth process.

It will make the harvesting result is maximum. Generally, superior fruit seedlings can be seen from three factors. You should aware of this aspect.

The examples are bright green leaf part without any traces of inedible caterpillars or pests, perpendicular plant stems are not even crooked, and have a lot of fiber roots.

  1. Make your own compost

No less important than the selection of seedlings, compost fertilizer is also considered as one of the indicators of the success of harvest. You should not avoid it.

This is included in how to plant the organic fruits at home, which you can make yourself from piles of garbage, such as leftover vegetables or fruits that are no longer consumed.

How to process it is also very easy. First of all you need to prepare tools and materials that will be used. All is easy to find around your home.

Those are ranging from the natural waste at home, sugar and EM4 solutions, gloves, manure, soil, water, to shelter containers and lids. Mix them together.

After that, place them in a pot or in an area where you want to plant the organic fruits. Then, cover it with soils and watering it properly.

  1. Seedling to the planting medium.

If you manage to make your own compost, then It is ready to seed organic fruit plants into a tray of seedlings. It has been filled with compost filling as a planting medium.

Flush with a special spray of water of plants. Done that for two days once in the morning and evening. It is especially if you plant it in a pot.

Do not forget to place the seed in a place exposed to sunlight to help the growth process and provide organic fertilizer periodically. Make sure to find the best area for that.

  1. Harvest time

In this last stage, you have to be careful so that the crops are not damaged and the quality can last a long time. It is also essential to plant the organic fruits.

Remember, pick the fruit that has been planted according to the planting period. It is important that the products are ripe enough.

Usually, there is a technique to harvest the ripe fruits. You can do a small research about that according to the species that is planted. What is the aim?

Using the right technique to harvest or pick a fruit will not break the whole plants. It means that there is a possibility that The Plant can make the other products too.

Keep the Fruits Properly

Harvesting the healthy and fresh products will make you happy. However, it is not the end because you should consider about how to store them properly.

Usually, it depends of the kinds of fruits you want to store. Grape for an example. You need to wash and dry them first before keeping them in the fridge.

Meanwhilr, pear and apple must be not placed at the same container. How of you want to sell the fruits to the market? What kinds of bags or containers that must be used?

For that need, the mesh bag is a smart choice. It is able to drain the water properly and maintain the humidity. That is why; it can extend the freshness.

Leno Mesh Bag Manufacturer is the place where you can get the high quality products. So, continue your plan to plant the organic fruits and then keep them in that mesh bag.

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