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Jacobsens Rengoring – The Best Moving Companies in Copenhagen

Moving cleaning

Compared to traditional methods of moving, air freight is the fastest and most efficient way to get your belongings to your new home. A plane can get your items to their destination within a day or two, so you don’t have to worry about long delays. Depending on the size of your shipment, road freight may be slower, but you’ll be able to receive it within a week or two.


Cleaning services are a vital part of relocating to a new city, but you may not know where to turn to make the most effective use of your time. The team at Jacobsens Rengoring has 30 years of experience in disinfecting properties, cleaning appliances, and cleaning tight spaces. They offer competitive rates and guarantee a quality service. If you’re relocating to Copenhagen and need to clean up after your move, Jacobsens Rengoring is the right company to call.

Among their many services, Jacobsens Rengoring provides high-quality window cleaning. Licensed window cleaners use biodegradable solutions to remove smears from glass surfaces. This company also offers a variety of other cleaning services, including specialized work on large storefront windows. The company is affordable and guarantees exceptional results. This company is a trusted name in the industry in Denmark, and their team is dedicated to meeting your needs.

In addition to cleaning, Jacobsens Rengoring offers other services, such as carpet and tile cleaning. They are certified in window cleaning and can clean windows quickly. Their staff can also handle cleaning rugs and floors, as well as bathrooms. They are available at any time to provide a professional rengoring service. Their team holds all necessary materials to do a thorough job. And because they work 24/7, you’ll never have to worry about your new home’s cleanliness.

In addition to a top-notch Flytterengøring service, Jacobsens Rengoring provides 24-hour emergency response services and a range of other home cleaning services. They offer free quotes and satisfaction guarantees and use biodegradable cleaning solutions. Their window cleaning service is one of the best in Denmark, and their team is highly trained to handle any window cleaning needs you may have. Whether you’re moving to Copenhagen for work or pleasure, this company will provide a top-notch, affordable service.


If you need help with relocating to the Danish capital, Jacobsens Rengoring is the best company to hire. This company offers services for commercial and residential properties, and their team uses eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Their crew is highly trained and their experience has helped them maintain their clients’ properties without incident. Their crew is highly trained in cleaning tight spaces, including corners, and they can even disinfect properties.

Another important service offered by Jacobsens Rengoring is window cleaning. Professional window cleaners use biodegradable cleaning solutions to remove water spots from windows. Apart from cleaning windows, the company provides other services including rengoring and polishing. The company’s technicians also specialize in cleaning large storefront windows. Their rates are extremely competitive and they guarantee excellent results. You can rely on Jacobsens Rengoring to ensure your windows look clean and shiny again.

Besides cleaning windows, Jacobsens Rengoring also offers janitorial services and temp workers to businesses and households. Apart from window cleaning, their employees are skilled in social media marketing, free content generation, and other services. Furthermore, their window cleaning services are world-class. The company also uses biodegradable cleaning products and employs a well-trained staff. These services provide you with the highest quality window cleaning in Copenhagen.


Whether you’re looking for a reliable window cleaning service in Copenhagen or need a complete carpet cleaning service, Jacobsens Rengoring has you covered. Their eco-friendly cleaning products use a water-fed pole system and biodegradable solutions. Jacobsens Rengoring is also certified to clean tile and carpet. The company also has a mobile service van and extendable pole to clean your windows with ease.

Cleaning windows is another service provided by Jacobsens Rengoring. Their window cleaning team uses environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions and water-fed pole systems. In addition to this, they use 100% biodegradable cleaning agents. As a result, they are among the most environmentally-friendly cleaning companies in the city. They also guarantee quality work and 100% organic cleaning. These services are very affordable and offer exceptional value for money.

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