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The Best Entertainment Blogs

Entertainment Blogs

Whether you are looking to read about the latest news about E!, or you are interested in learning about the new and exciting movies that are coming out, there are plenty of great entertainment blogs out there to choose from. But how do you know which ones are the best? Here are a few suggestions:

Soap Dirt

Despite being a relatively newcomer, Soap Dirt is a contender in the realm of online magazines and websites. The site is primarily focused on the world of soap operas but also covers celebrity culture, music and concerts. There is a mobile and desktop version to boot. The site is not without its flaws though. Its logo is unproportionately cheesy and its ads are too obnoxious for the average Joe.

Soap Dirt also does a decent job of showcasing the most notable news stories and events pertaining to television and entertainment stories. The site’s ol’ fashioned news page contains a wealth of content, from breaking news to star sightings. In particular, the site’s coverage of The Young and the Restless ranks among the best in the business.


pajiba is a veritable goldmine of pop culture related content. While you’re at it, consider taking a page from the pages of the world’s largest bookshop. They may even have some original works of art on display. The coolest thing about this shop is their commitment to excellence. Their customer service is exemplary and the staff is friendly. They are also very accommodating to patrons with disabilities. You can’t beat that. They are also known for promoting healthy debates and a healthy lifestyle.

Forces of Geek

Whether you’re a movie buff, a geek, a fan of comics or any other type of entertainment fan, you’re sure to find something that you’ll enjoy at the Forces of Geek. A site geared toward a Generation X audience, it covers all aspects of pop culture, from movies to TV, from reality shows to celebrity gossip. It also offers prize draws and tickets for various events. The blog’s archive is handy for a quick reference.

The site’s founder, Stefan Blitz, is a self-proclaimed “pop culturalist” who loves falafel, UFOs and Bigfoot. He has two Cavalier King Charles spaniels. He also works as a publicist, freelance writer and creative guru.

Soap News

Whether you’re a diehard fan of soap operas or you’re just looking for entertainment news, there are plenty of sites to choose from. These top notch websites offer breaking news, spoilers, and articles about daytime shows, actors, and actresses. Some of these blogs also offer live streams with celebrities.

Soap Hub is an online publication that focuses on American daytime soap operas. It features reviews, interviews, and storyline summaries. It also has a smattering of off-screen news and gossip.

E! News         

Among the many entertainment blogs, Entertainment News is one of the most popular. Its unique features include celebrity gossip, movie reviews, and video reports. The website also features stories on ordinary people. It has an extensive reach across all digital platforms.

Other noteworthy features of the site are its live streaming events and videos. In addition to the entertainment news, this website covers celebrity gossip, culture, and fashion. They also have a “Viral News” section. This is where you can check out the most popular viral videos.

Digital Spy

Founded in 1999 by Neil Wilkes, Digital Spy is a UK based website that has enjoyed a tremendous rise in popularity over the last decade. Its success is due to its unique position at the crossroads of entertainment and technology. The site has a strong brand and offers advertisers unprecedented opportunities.

The blog is also a great source of news on celebrity lifestyle, music, and TV. In addition, it includes interviews and video reports. The site has won several Emmy awards.

Perez Hilton

Among the best entertainment blog is that of Perez Hilton, a Cuban-American actor, web designer, podcaster, and celebrity influencer. Hilton is also a producer of a Netflix documentary titled “The Real Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist”.

This blog is a unique blend of traditional gossip, which is usually passed around through media and social networking sites, with the new accessibility of the Internet. The blog allows minute analysis of the life and activities of celebrities.

Perez is a master at analyzing a celebrity’s lifestyle. He uses an absolute value scale to evaluate stars. He only endorses those with a high level of image production.


Whether you are looking for a website to watch a movie or just want to get the latest entertainment news, MovieWeb is one of the best sites to do it. You can find the latest trailers, articles, interviews, and more on this site. You can also follow MovieWeb on Twitter, Instagram, and more to stay up to date on the latest news.

The site’s header features a teal grey background, and white texts. Its homepage also contains a search bar, and a video content channel. Its interior pages are similar in layout to its homepage. They feature a list of movies based on release dates, and a blue pillar section with a summary of the website’s features.

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