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The Best Times to Pitch a Guest Blogging Post

Guest Blogging

When pitching a guest blogging post to a company, it’s crucial to personalize your message. Mentioning a specific piece of content on your blog increases your chances of success by 50%. Follow-up at least twice, and contact different people at the company. Always send the pitch email to several different people to maximize your chances of success. And remember: follow-up is the most important part of the guest blogging process.

Pitching a guest blog post on HubSpot

When pitching a guest blog post on HubSpot, your subject line should speak to the message of the blog in question. A great way to do this is to use Process Street to track the entire process. Ben B’s automation tools make this process completely automated. Once you know which blogs you’d like to contribute to, you can easily pitch them. To pitch them on a specific blog, you’ll need to know the author and a bit about their audience.

To pitch a guest blog post on HubSpot, you must know the target audience of the website. Use tools such as SimilarWeb and MozBar to see how much traffic a site has, and also check out the domain and page authority. Higher scores indicate a higher chance of the website ranking well in search results. After you’ve determined who your target audience is, you can begin writing a guest blog post with them.

Choosing a blog with a high Domain Authority

Finding a blog with a high Domain Authority is essential to a successful guest blogging campaign. Domain Authority is an indicator of the site’s reputation and value. A blog with a high Domain Authority is likely to have an active audience and a high level of traffic. By following these guidelines, you’ll be sure to land a high-quality guest blogging post.

Using guest blogging to build your brand is an effective way to gain brand awareness and credibility. By sharing your expertise on a high-quality website, people will recognize you as an expert and approach you for help. In addition, guest posting is great for getting backlinks. When done correctly, it will boost your Domain Authority, create a new audience, and increase your website’s visibility.

Choosing a blog with a social media following

Before pitching a high quality guest post sites, you should carefully review the social media presence of the blog. A blog with a low social media following isn’t as likely to attract readers. You’ll want to choose a blog with a decent social media following, and the blog’s history should be known. Also, be sure to check the blog’s guidelines, so you can be sure your pitch will be approved.

When writing your pitch, prioritize your audience and word count. Make your pitch as personalized as possible, and make sure you mention any special features the blog has. In addition, try to connect with the blog owner by including a question or suggestion. A social media following shows that the blog owner will be more likely to accept your post, and will want to see more from you.

Choosing a popular social media topic to pitch a guest blog post on

Before pitching a guest blog post, determine the audience for the site. There are several important factors to consider before writing a guest blog post. First of all, you should be able to write about a subject that relates to the reader’s interests. Secondly, your topic should be unique, based on your passion, expertise, and story. If you have a strong point in one of these areas, be sure to highlight it in the pitch. Moreover, you should have an idea of how your topic will fit into the blog.

After you have narrowed down the topic, you should craft a compelling email that addresses the person responsible for the site. Make sure to include your value proposition and a brief summary of your guest post. Don’t write the entire article yourself! Keep the email brief. Keep it under 150 words. Choose at least two topics and include your pitch in the subject line. This will help you stand out from the competition and get the opportunity to guest post on popular blogs.

Personalization is key

When pitching a guest blogging post, you should always put the reader’s interests first. While it is important to follow all of the guidelines for guest posting submission, personalization also enhances your outreach success. Include a piece of your own content from your blog, if possible. Follow-up twice, and make sure to contact different people within the company. You should always have at least one piece of content on your blog that you have written that the reader may find interesting.


The first thing you should do when pitching a guest blogging post is to make sure the topic is relevant. If the guest blog editor already has a post on the topic, it is useless to pitch a similar topic. Rather, link insertion, tailor your idea to the publication. The publication will want to publish your post if it can add value to their readers. Moreover, the quality of your email will be reflected on your post, so proofreading it carefully will ensure the quality of your post.

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