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What Is An Employee Social Network? How Is It Beneficial?

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When it comes to one of the best tools for internal communication, we cannot leave the name of employee social network or ESN out of it. This might be a relatively new type of internal communication tool. But it has got the attention of everyone who has been researching things about this aspect.

So what is ESN?

As the name simplifies, it is a social network, but it is just for the organizations and their tasks. This is a type of network that promotes the communication and connection between the employees while providing them with crucial info. There are many communication tools, but this is yet known to be the workflow automation app.  With the help of this particular tool, organizations can get a lot of benefits.

Want to know the benefits of ESN? Here they are!

  1. It is a natural behaviour: Often, the thing that a company asks their employee to do is the one they have never done before. That becomes the reason why a lot of people say no to that. But this is something that is not out of the comfort zone of the people. They can just be on this site or platform just like they are on the other platforms, but yea, a little bit more professional. It is not something odd, so it is doable.
  2. Provides a goto way: Many times, people are so afraid of just going in the personal chat and asking for some suggestions. But with the help of this platform or the workflow automation app, it won’t be an issue. Just put up the post for suggestions, feedback, or collaboration. So this will be a great way, and no one needs to be sceptical about it too.
  3. Way to build a community: Many times, this is done in the companies that are so large and are in different states. So this way, it is better to stay connected with the other branches too. It is a great way for people to know each other. So if they meet at someplace due to an office gathering, it won’t be all awkward. It will make the events even better, and this will lead to unity among the community.
  4. Be transparent: What do people want? They want to get the appraisal in front of everyone, and this way, others will get the motivation. It is an important thing, and it will promote recognition among the people too. If the company and the frontline want to tell about some projects, they don’t need to take different meetings, and they just need to put it up on the media platform. It is such a workflow automation app and can get a lot of benefits to the people. This way, no one will be staying behind when it comes to the info too.

At last, we cannot get enough of the benefits of this platform. This way, we have established that it is just the best one that everyone loves to use and finds no difficulty using it.

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