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Reasons Why WordPress is better than Squarespace


Finding it complicated to choose between WordPress and Squarespace? Both website builders include all the essential features and functionalities that make the site user-friendly and easily accessible. But, compared to Squarespace, WordPress comes as the best one.  WordPress CMS is used by 43.2% of all websites on the internet whereas Squarespace has 1.7%. This ensures that many businesses chose to opt for a WordPress development company to boost sales and improve their online presence.  In addition to this, there are other reasons as well that make WordPress an ideal choice over Squarespace. We are here to reveal those!

Why you should Choose WordPress over Squarespace?

Open source, and free to download

WordPress Content Management Software as an open source allows free downloading on the web server of your choice. Whereas Squarespace does not ensure such functionality. You are allowed to use the hosting available at the Squarespace server only. In addition to this, WordPress holds GPL 2.0 license which implies you can make the desired changes to the code until you are not sharing the changes as open-source. 

Multiple Plugins with extended functionality

WordPress CMS has approximately 50,000 plugins that hold the capacity to enhance the abilities of the software. It has almost every feature you require for the website with plugins, such as SEO and contact forms to eCommerce and security. However, there are many other benefits of using WordPress for your business website that Squarespace does not provide such access to you. Here, the users are unlucky.

Extensive Themes with Several Options

WordPress themes provide its users with several choices to improve the functions and appeal of the website. That is because of the array of premium and basic themes available in its directory. Most of them can be accessible by the website owners from the directory of WordPress themes.  Also, there is an option to buy thousands of them from third-part designers and web design agencies. It is easy to preview the themes live and could be installed to change the layout and look of the website.  

Multisite is Easy

With WordPress, you can build several websites known as Multisite. It implies you can operate several websites as per your choice with WordPress installation and simply access them. This converts it into the right solution for various purposes and sites. This implies you can provide your own site hosting or blog or can host the customer’s websites for efficient management in one place. However, you can also hire WordPress developer and guide them on the type of multisite required. Because they are skilled and experienced, hence, complete the work efficiently. 

Mobile-friendliness is there

When it comes to good ranking in search engines, mobile responsiveness comes as an essential factor. Responsiveness is all about ensuring that the websites look perfect on every device. This Content Management system offers many theme designs. Additionally, the users can create a static website as responsive with plugins and theme adjustments.  Considering WordPress developers in Singapore to make the site mobile-friendly is a win-win. They will implement all the strategies and tactics to ensure that your site is accessible on all the browsers on mobile devices. 

Features won’t be pulled without notification

The best part of WordPress is that it gets regularly updated with new security upgrades and functionalities. There is a system that gives visibility on what is omitted, fixed, and entered. It gives suggestions on the changes. However, analyze and approve them before working on them. And later on, releases. Any omissions or amendments are announced and documented. In any case, if the used feature gets discontinued then, you can search for a new plugin to fulfill the desired capabilities. 

Advanced Customer Support and Maintenance

As we have mentioned above WordPress is open source and free; so,  it gets highly adopted by many communities. These WordPress communities hold the capacity to make amendments to source files and ensure the CMS is secured and updated. However, the WordPress community also does a lot of outreach for users, organizes WordPress camps globally, and ensures local WordPress user base development. 

Cannot Publish Any Content Without Authority

WordPress cannot publish the content for free to any other source.  On the contrary, Squarespace as per its terms and conditions can use the content for any use, like for advertising also.  Considerably, they use the content even if it is copyrighted.  So, by building the website on Squarespace, you are not only giving consent for this fact but, letting them use the content for free also. Even, they do not take any permission for this. 

Extensive Server Resources

We have mentioned above that you can select where you can host the WordPress website. But, on the other hand, Squarespace lets you only host the website on its server only. It implies the site cannot be scaled when grows. 

Squarespace promotes plans with limitless bandwidth. However, the true part of pricing is that the services are restricted to only normal use.  It implies that your website may shut down when Squarespace finds out there is more traffic.  On the other hand, with WordPress, you can select the hosting that is flexible and scalable. 

Concluding Remarks

For any website to give fruitful results, it is essential to choose the best website builder.  And undoubtedly, WordPress is better than Squarespace and this write-up has proven this point. We have pointed out the obvious points that made it clear to choose WordPress for your next project. 

Have you used WordPress for creating your site? What are your thoughts on it? Share your feedback! 

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