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Suggestions for Ripping Jeans

cute ripped jeans

Jeans are made from the strongest textiles available for clothing. The most enduring article of clothes in your closet ought to be a pair of jeans. The majority of women may find it intimidating to include designer printed jeans to their collection. Instead of selecting a pair of cute ripped jeans with a bold print, it is advisable to start with modest prints. Perhaps a tone-on-tone pattern would be a better choice. Women should also take into account things like the color scheme and fit of the jeans.

When they were in style, ripped jeans cost more. The current fashion is to make your pants appear as though you’ve been wearing them for months. Here are some pointers on how to rip them in a fashionable manner.

You’ll Require The Following Supplies:

  • New denim
  • A set of scissors
  • Sandpaper and a file
  • A sizable safety pin
  • The bleach (optional)

The jeans need to be cleaned. If possible, start with a pair of slightly scuffed jeans. Before wearing newly purchased jeans, you should wash them three or four times. Pick a location for the rip. Only the hips, pockets, buttocks, and knees of jeans should be torn because these are the areas that will be subjected to pressure. These regions frequently touch the ground while you go about your everyday activities. Make a little slit where necessary. Wherever you want the rip to appear, make a little cut with the scissors.

Use sandpaper or a nail file to sand the fabric. Choose the toughest file or sandpaper you can find. Rub your hands over the region you want to rip.

Use a pin to create a rip. Use a safety pin to pull out few threads if you want to make a small hole rather than cutting. Simply pull one thread from the jeans by inserting the pin point between the threads. Up till you get a hole, keep doing this.

Refresh the denim with a scrub. Roughen the edges of the rips you just made with the sandpaper or file. If you want to achieve this effect, have some frayed ends as well.

The jeans need to be cleaned. Wash them at least twice after the ripping is finished. To lessen the color and fraying, try putting roughly one teaspoon of sand in the wash water.

You can now display your work, but keep in mind that as you wear them, they will rip more. Soon the jeans will appear shabby and dated.

To rub your pants down to the ideal-looking rips and holes will take some experience. Your jeans will look “designer” shabby if you start with only minor damage.

Any additional accessories may be used, but only after carefully evaluating how well they complement or match the patterned jeans.


The same guidelines that apply to denim also apply to printed jeans: women should choose designs that highlight their best features. Given that eyes are frequently drawn to patterns in designer printed jeans and eventually the wearer, fit is very crucial. A proper fit is essential to prevent highlighting problem areas. Additionally, it aids in avoiding the unflattering appearance that poorly fitted clothing produces. Jeans with flap pockets and lower rises should be avoided by women with an hourglass figure.

Color Scheme

Women should maintain a similar color palette in both the top and the jeans to prevent appearing costume-like. To prevent hiding the print when wearing printed designer jeans, select neutral hues like tan and white. Whether or whether they are prominent hues, one or two colors can be chosen to make a stronger statement. A really fashionable woman can mix two prints together, but this may be a risky move that not everyone should make.


It is best to find accessories that match the hues of the jeans on Evaless site while wearing them with prints. A woman should pick one of the less prominent hues and call attention to it with a handbag or pair of shoes in that hue. Jewelry need to provide some contrast to the chosen print. For instance, angular, metallic earrings would complement a more feminine print, such as a floral print, whereas soft jewelry would complement an edgier print.


To follow a trend, women don’t always have to change their entire look. Fashion should be effortless and enjoyable, not forced, thus people should let a trend fit into their individual sense of style. A woman’s own style can include printed designer pants. With blouses and heels, they are perfectly finished for a more attractive and feminine appearance. A blazer goes great with the pair of pants as well. Cardigans in muted hues could also go nicely with jeans with more striking prints. This look can be complemented by heels or flats.

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